Thursday, June 27, 2013

Hey team,

So as some of you may know I've been live-blogging the NBA draft on the blog for the last couple of years for people who can't get in front of a TV or are at work.

There were some issues with the live-blogging last time as the service I was using capped the number of people who could view it.

Instead, I'll be bringing the draft to twitter, offering insights, reporting picks and responding to any questions people might have for me.

I'm going to add a specific hash-tag to every tweet during the broadcast - which will be #hwldraft (short for hardwood life draft). Alternatively, you can just follow me on twitter - my handle is @hardwoodlife.

I hope to see some of you checking in on my coverage of this most unusual draft.

Cheers, omphalos.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hiatus over!

With a semester of Post-Graduate Journalism under my belt and the holidays officially started, I'm going to revive the blog and start posting content again.

The biggest announcement is that instead of the "Coveritlive" system I used to live-blog the NBA draft last season, I'll instead be switching to twitter for this year's draft - which should be an interesting one.

So please excuse the cobwebs that have accumulated, but watch this space for new (and hopefully better) articles.


P.S. My twitter handle is @hardwoodlife.