Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kyle Korver the answer for Chi City?

I'll start off by saying I'm not a huge Jazz fan; call it a loyalty thing with Mike or just their nature. I don't like them. But occasionally, I'll be forced to watching them play against a team I like, and that's when I started hearing about Korver. Particularly his recently completed record season in accuracy from the arc, a whopping 53.6%! But then I looked at his numbers, and the dude averages just over 8 points a game. For a guy who shoots the ball that well it's pretty weak. However, looking at how much attention he gets from opposition players trying to deny that 3-ball, I can't help but think of Ray Allen.

Now, Korver is a free agent this summer, and while certainly not a franchise changing player, he could be just the right fit for Chicago - who desperately need an outside shooting threat. If you've read my previous post, you'd see that I had Joe Johnson and a PF like Stoudemire or Bosh coming to ol' Chicago in an ideal world. Well, although Joe Johnson has been disappointing in the post-season of late, he will still likely be offered big money from a number of teams who will fail to sign a marquee free agent and settle for a second tier player. Now, Chicago could very well be that team, but I think the Bulls need a scoring post-player like Stoudemire, Bosh or Boozer at PF more than anything, and the Bulls can't really afford two max contract signings.

This is where Korver comes in. He has good size for defending the 2-guard, and with defenders keeping an eye on Rose, and potential double-teams on whichever PF they get their hands on, Korver might just be the perfect role player for this young Bulls team who would be affordable.

That leaves you with a pretty solid rotation in Chi Town.

Free Agent PF


Sounds like a solid short rotation come playoff time. Not only could this put the Bulls into the top four (depending on Miami - Atlanta will bomb out) in the East, but it is possible, reasonable even. I do hope that Korver develops into more than just an answer to a trivia question and uses his shooting touch to make an impact on a championship team. Who knows, maybe he'll get picked up by Orlando. Ironically, J.J. Redick would be perfect for Chicago too, but he is a restricted free agent and given his play in the post-season, the Magic will likely match any offer within reason.

Of course, this depends on the coach they hire, but if Phil ever comes back I'm sure he knows a thing or two about winning championships with ridiculously accurate shooters...

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