Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My five favourite NBA clips

The right pairing of music and footage can create something greater than the some of its parts. So as the title suggests, I figured I'd mix things up (no pun intended) a bit by sharing some of my collection of downloaded NBA videos. I love watching these pre-game to get psyched and they can really make you appreciate a player you never had much love for before. So without further ado...

#5: The Best of Derrick Rose; this mix is all about strength through adversity and shows off Rose's cool demeanour, meteoric rise to the top, and most of all, his ridiculous hops!

#4: Rhythm of Victory - 2010 NBA Finals recap; while it's hard for me to watch my Celtics lose over and over, this video captures the sheer intensity of this seven game series. I've watched this countless times and I still get chills every time I hear Kobe say "Til you can't breathe, go

#3: Moment of Truth - Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan; this video is a bit different with the lack of hip-hop music, but it is very well executed, and shows some great Jordan vs Kobe highlights in addition to the usual Jordan/Kobe individual highlights. The Linkin Park song has the perfect line to highlight their respective off-court struggles too. Check it out.

#2: Kobe Bryant - All the Above; this song was made for a Kobe mix, it's all about saying fuck you to the haters and rising up. Great highlights and a great song = kick-ass mix. Well done SunToTheDeep.

#1: More Than A Game; this mix doesn't rely on flashy highlights - thought it has those - rather, it transcends individual players to get to the core of what makes this game so important. A must see for every NBA fan, if you like or play basketball, you can't not love it. I listen to it before every game, never fails to make me appreciate the best game in the world.

Hope you enjoyed my top five. I'm actually looking for a good Chris Paul mix, so if you know one or have any other cool NBA vids, link me at:


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