Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lottery teams, we hardly knew ye.

Every season since I've had League Pass, I've said I'll spend more time watching the up and coming teams, regardless of whether I like them or not, and every season I'll only start watching them towards the end, and miss out on a lot of terrific rookie seasons.

So with this crazy lockout induced rollercoaster ride almost over, I've marked on my calendar one game to watch every day which has at least one lottery team or a team I haven't seen play enough for the remaining days of the regular season.

After watching each game I'll post a review of the game and my thoughts in general here. I hope you enjoy reading it. I should note that my dates will be +1 for those of you in the US, as we are 12 hours ahead here.

11/4 - Celtics vs Heat - not a lottery team, but Celtics are my guys, and I've gotta watch them against Miami.

12/4 - Kings vs Hornets

13/4 - Pistons vs Bobcats

14/4 - Kings vs Thunder

15/4 - Cavaliers vs Wizards

16/4 - Raptors vs Hawks

17/4 - Heat vs Nets

18/4 - Cavaliers vs Pistons

19/4 - Jazz vs Blazers

20/4 - Bulls vs Heat - always fun to watch, figured I'd reward myself with this game, plus I'll be interested to see how they Bulls go with Rose back.

21/4 - Thunder vs Kings

22/4 - Sixers vs Pacers - two playoff teams I haven't watched much, need a refresher before the post-season.

23/4 - Raptors vs Pistons

24/4 - Sixers vs Nets

25/4 - Heat vs Celtics - see above

26/4 - Wizards vs Cavs

27/4 - Lakers vs Kings - these two always have entertaining matchups, and the individual battles will be great to see.

Watch this space.

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